Ravages of Time

Visiting abandoned places is often some of the best photo opportunities. Operations closed down in 2007; time, scavengers, graffiti “artists” and not least arson fire has affected the buildings greatly, giving it a spooky appearance. There is several holes in the surrounding fence, so access to the Location is accessible. It is advisable to take … More Ravages of Time

Ethereal monochrome View

Viewing the word through Ethereal monochrome glasses. Black and white images take us back to where photography began. Creating monochrome images is photography in its simplest, raw form. They are uncluttered from the distractions of color. And thanks to digital technology, monochrome photography is easier today than ever before. Composition Because colors are not there … More Ethereal monochrome View

Hald Oaks

If you have visited my blog before you will know this is a place where share my photos and insights behind the scenes of my shoots. If you have any questions please feel free to shoot me an email or leave a comment below! This time we visited Hald Ruin (Hald Ege Ruin). The ruins … More Hald Oaks

Light Direction

Hi guys, this time I am going to write about light direction and the role that it plays. Directional light is opposed to diffused light is non-directional light; where the intensity of light is even. A cloudy day is giving diffused light which often is treasured by photographers for portrait photography; it creates little or … More Light Direction

Perfection means you don’t question anything about the photograph

“Perfection means you don’t question anything about the photograph. There are certain pictures I’ve taken in which you really can’t move that leaf or that hand. It’s where it should be, and you can’t say it could have been there. There is nothing to question as in a great painting. I often have trouble with … More Perfection means you don’t question anything about the photograph

Sony 24-70mm F/2.8 Carl Zeiss, as seductive as a young woman

Hi again everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful shooting summer. This time I am back to tell you about a lens that won my heart. Among friends, we refer to this piece of glass as “the young lady”, due to the fact it is so darn attractive it its attributes. Prior to purchasing … More Sony 24-70mm F/2.8 Carl Zeiss, as seductive as a young woman

Color Temperature

I have been writing on color temperature before, but in the perspective of White Balance. I have noticed that a great deal of photographers are satisfied with Auto White Balance, causing them to spend a great deal time and investing effort in the develop module in light room. This blog post is going to dive … More Color Temperature